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jamiesaysmile is the studio based project of musician and producer Dan Hayes.

Dan has performed in numerous bands since his school days. He played drums and produced tracks for IndiePop band The Whippets. Their demo ‘Plebeian Society’ was declared Steve Lamacq’s demo of the week which led to the band recording with Justin Lockey of Yourcodenameis:Milo. They went on to win the prestigious ‘Bright Young Things’ award and their self released debut single also received mainstream airplay, resulting in the band being voted Radio 1’s first ever ‘God’s of The Pod’. The band followed this up with a national tour. Sandman Magazine said their final song, recorded and produced by Dan at his home studio, should be ‘revered as a rock gem’.

Since the band split, Dan has heavily expanded his production skills under the guise of jamiesaysmile, as well as producing and collaborating with numerous local bands. He works from the home studio he has been building up since he got his hands on a 2nd hand 8-track over 10 years ago (see specs). Completely self taught, every single sound and idea you hear on a Jamiesaysmile record emanated from Dan’s head.

jamiesaysmile tracks show a complex, mutli-layered approach to songwriting and melody; a methodology only made possible by the years of production experience Dan has gained. Cerebral but heartfelt, the songs have been described as ‘Melodic-Indie-Emo-Pop’ which only partly explains the intricacy of what is going on ­ removed from band mates and group decisions, jamiesaysmile may be the sound of a 5 piece band but, more importantly, it is the exact vision of just one person, expertly realised, leading to the interesting combination of raw passion and utter perfectionism.


Dan Hayes is currently working on new sounds. He has many ideas as to where jamiesaysmile will go in the future, but in the first instance he would like more people to hear what he has been working on. After that, record releases, film scores, collaborations; anything is possible. If you like what you hear, please do get in touch.